Parents wishing to register their students in the Cerrato School District need to fill out the Student Registration Packet located at the bottom of this page.  Upon completing the registration packet please contact the School District to schedule an appointment to complete the registration.
Central Registration Contact Information
Mary Littlelamb
Phone: 123-456-7890
Registration Packet: (All forms are returned, unless noted)
Page 1: Student Registration form: All highlighted areas to be completed. If there are 2 families for a student, both areas should be filled out in their entirety.
Page 2: Records Request: If a student was enrolled at a school, prior to coming to Towanda Area School District, then the highlighted areas need to be filled out.
Page 3: Weapons Policy: Fill out highlighted areas and answer question regarding expulsion, suspension, etc. and complete the information if the answer is yes.
Pages 4: Computer Use Policy: 3 pages explaining Towanda Area School District computer use policy. Keep all 3 pages for your records.
Page 5: Computer Use Agreement: Please fill out highlighted area and sign.
Page 6: Home Language Survey: Please fill out all questions highlighted & sign.
Page 7: Child Custody Information: IF applicable, fill out all highlighted areas and provide a copy of custody paperwork, if necessary.
Page 8: Food Service Charges: Please fill in highlighted areas and sign.
Page 9: Health History (for all students K4-12): Please fill out entire form and explain, if necessary.
Page 10: Mandated Physical Examination: For K4, K5, 6th & 11th graders ONLY. Please check appropriate box.
Page 11: Dental Examination Form & Fluoride Questionnaire: Dental Exams for K4, K5, 3rd & 7th grade students only. Fluoride question for students K4-6th grade. Check appropriate answer.
Page 12: Registration Checklist: Please note the paperwork needed to complete a student’s registration.