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Maine Frontline Warm Line
The Maine Frontline Warm Line is available to all educators and school staff as well as health care workers and first responders. 207-221-8196; Text “Frontline” to 898-211.

MAP Live Health - Therapy
The Member Assistance Program (MAP) Live Health Therapy Online is available to all staff and their families. You do not need to be an Anthem plan member to call to request time with a mental health therapist. 855/686-5615


LiveHealth Online
LiveHealth Online is a telehealth vehicle for doctor visits available to school staff who are on the district’s Anthem health insurance plan. These visits extend to members of staff’s household regardless of whether or not they are on the Anthem plan.

WhilFlyer - Mindfulness
The Mindfulness Whil program is available to all who are on the Anthem health insurance plan and have registered for the Virgin Pulse Program.

MEABT Documents
The MEA Benefits Trust website contains a long list of Resource Documents.yoga mat
The Open Enrollment Booklet 2020-21 under the heading Central Office in the document list contains more detail on insurance benefits. Download the booklet and take a look.
MEA Benefits Trust Open Enrollment Plan 2020-21 https://meabt.org/download/376
Having trouble navigating the MEA Benefits Trust Anthem Insurance website?
We can schedule time with a representative to guide us and answer questions.
Please contact Eliza Miller at emiller@mad51.org if that would be helpful for you.


Articles on work/life balance and supporting emotional well-being at work

A New Way to Think About Work-Life Balance
A school leader shares how he came to understand that work-life balance looks different for different people—and there’s no need to feel guilty about that.

Redirecting Grief to Growth | A Trusted Space
The 43-minute film features teachers, parents, students, and renowned experts including Linda Darling-Hammond and Pedro Noguera, among others. The accompanying research-based SEL curriculum provides a practical, empathetic, and scientific understanding of how trauma impacts behavior and learning, and how to manage it within any classroom setting. (Learning Event Jan 24th, 2021)